Acquiro’s marketing technology suite takes a cloud-based data management approach that combines technology and human research to systematically correct and append contact records at the point of capture, then continuously refreshes records – automatically. So, you always have current, complete and highly accurate data in your CRM. Guaranteed.

Need Accurate Lead Data?

– Are you getting incomplete data from your lead generation campaigns?

– Do you have to throw out a high percentage of your leads?

– Do you ignore leads that come in with “free” emails?

ACQUIRO is a powerful data management tool to have on your side. Our tools and techniques clean and enrich the leads at the point of capture, ensuring the right information about your leads even from a small starting point. This means you can deliver complete, accurate leads from all of your campaigns.

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 Need Your Sales Team Focused on Selling ?

Is your sales team spending time researching missing information instead of talking to prospects?

Are they complaining they are not getting hot prospects?

Is your sales team working on the highest qualified leads first?

ACQUIRO gives you accurate leads in real time so the sales team doesn’t have to spend time filling in the blanks. Our solution selectively routes leads so your sales team focuses on the highest quality leads first and engages potential clients faster.

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Need Accurate International leads?

– Stuck with incomplete international contacts that you don’t know how to fix?

– Have an EMEA campaign that you don’t know how to fulfill?

– Tired of vendors sending you zip codes when they should be sending you postal codes?

ACQUIRO utilizes experts around the world so we are well versed in the unique needs of international campaigns. Our systems were built to easily switch between international markets and to seamlessly integrate the necessary and correct information into your sales pipeline.

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 Need Someone to do the heavy lifting?

Tired of complex data management systems that you don’t really know how to use?

Tired of having to check and fix duplicates yourself?

Has your sales pipeline dried up?

ACQUIRO is automatic and hands-free data management from start to finish. You never have to touch your data – it’s just clean and accurate at all times, always ready for you to use. And, we automatically put it into your CRM for you. No more errors, no more technology headaches.

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Need to forge a better relationship between Marketing and Sales?

– Not getting enough information to segment your data effectively for Account Based Marketing (ABM)?

– Are leads being routed without full contact information or in priority of and ?

– Are you annoying potential clients with multiple sales agents contacting them?

ACQUIRO allows you to organize all of your account based marketing efforts getting up to 25 data points per lead. And, we not only provide critical information about the lead like industry size, revenue, job title, sector, and geography, but our data management systems can be programmed to route the right lead to the right department or sales member who needs it.

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How It Works

Acquiro takes a unique Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) approach using the most advanced event-driven, data-matching technology. Forensic reconstruction of bad contact records allows us to transform incomplete registration and first-contact lead data into highly enriched contact records consisting of up to 25 data fields from as little as 3 initial data points.

 The ACQUIRO Suite Includes

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