LeadMATCH On-Demand Social Edition

Market to Prospects on Social Media

LeadMATCH On-Demand Social Edition (LMODSE) is the solution to being able to market to prospects on social media. Using advanced deep web scanning and powerful data-matching technology, it can find the private emails and social media accounts of corporate prospects. You no longer have to suffer with untargeted marketing. With LeadMATCH On-Demand Social Edition, you can improve your social media marketing ROI instantly.

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Most social media platforms covet the information of their users. Because of this, it is very difficult to target and figure out where your customers are on these platforms. And, most of the time, you only have the corporate email of your prospects so it’s impossible to find them on social media. And, when you do advertise on social media, it’s often untargeted and falls short of your ROI.

LeadMATCH Social unlocks the power of social media marketing for you. LeadMATCH Social scans for, gathers and tabulates private emails and social media accounts of your corporate prospects.

Now, you know where they live on social media, you can target them more effectively.

By giving you the is golden information for you.

If you have the social media profiles and private emails of your prospects, you can target your audience and reach them directly.

  • The customer uploads the commercial email list to a secure web folder hosted by Acquiro.
  • An automated process will detect the file and start processing it LMODSE parses out each commercial user and their email address from the initial list
  • LMODSE then conducts a proprietary search process to find possible private email matches and social media accounts for each corporate record
  • Once the search/scan phase is completed, the results are formatted and tabulated into a results file
  • The matched and not matched records are separated into different files and the results are logged
  • The file is then delivered back to the customer in its fully treated and completed form in a secure output folder

Unlock the power of social media marketing.


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