LeadMATCH On-Demand

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LeadMATCH On-Demand (LMOD) is an easy and effective way to turn leads that have been sitting dormant in your database into highly actionable leads. LMOD is a one-time validation and enrichment service that will automatically de-dup, enrich and validate all of the leads in your CRM or sales automation system. Compare a one-time treatment with LMOD to the time and cost of attempting to remarket to those old prospects from old and out of date information and LMOD wins out every time. You no longer have to market to dead leads or worry that the data in your database is “dirty”.

data enrichment


  • First, the customer uploads the legacy lead list to a secure web folder hosted by Acquiro
  • An automated process detects the file and starts processing it
  • The system then automatically determines whether the lead contact still works at the listed company. Those contacts that have moved companies are separated out into a new list
  • Those contacts that still work at the listed company are then de-duplicated
  • The de-duplicated leads are then run through a multi-step process to normalize, validate and update or refresh specific data elements
  • The treated lead is then evaluated against a data quality scoring matrix. Those that pass the strict quality score are written to an output file
  • Those that don’t pass the scoring matrix are passed to a specialist team who will fix the remaining anomalies.
  • After the remaining files are validated, those leads are added to the output file mentioned in Step 7
  • The file is then delivered back to the customer in its fully treated and completed form
  • We generally recommend that the customer reloads the clean lead file into their Marketing Automation System and commence a new phase of email marketing and nurturing until new lead prospects emerge from the cleaned list

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