Want clean data in your database always?

 Automatically keeps contact data clean and up to date with a guaranteed +90% average data accuracy

LeadCARE is a powerful CRM tool that does all the work of making sure your b2b contacts in your database are clean and up to date, automatically and continuously. LeadCARE doesn’t just give you an overall view of the health of your contact data – it goes further. It actually repairs your database for you by automatically getting rid of duplicate records and cleansing bad, erroneous and incomplete contact records. It also validates the deliverability of emails, phone connections and the accuracy of sources. The system is on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year so you can be sure your contact records will always be up to date. And, it’s the only system in the marketing data field that guarantees your contact data will be 90% accurate on average, all the time.


  • Clean and up to date

    Have clean, up to date contact data continuously and automatically

  • Gets rid of duplicate records

    Automatically gets rid of duplicate records so you don’t have to spend time cleaning your database

  • Event-driven technology

    Event-driven technology knows when your contacts change jobs and it changes their contact record for you

  • ABM a breeze

    Makes ABM a breeze with easy segmenting and targeting of complex accounts

  • Clean Data

    Stop worrying about “dirty” data accumulating in your CRM


  • Continuous

    Works 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

When LeadMATCH is done validating and enriching new incoming leads, the LeadCARE solution steps in. LeadCARE has been engineered to ensure lead contact data is clean and current AT ALL TIMES! LeadCARE routinely inspects and validates existing records, and then updates contact information when people have changed jobs, or companies have since gone out of business. The key difference of the LeadFUSION Suite from other products currently on the market is that the data reconstruction process is event-driven so that changes to a person or company profile can be detected and their records immediately updated in the client’s system – automatically and continuously! To ensure Acquiro’s guaranteed service level of +90% accuracy, on average, records are scored and verified to be either complete and updated, or deleted from the system

As much as 90% of leads are validated  and enriched via machine processing



Most leads are processed and delivered within 15 minutes



Reconstructing corporate email addresses can take less than 4 hours



Get 7x more sales leads!


X More Sales Leads!

Always have accurate data in your database


Free Data Analysis