Fortune 500 Client Sees 568% Lift in Sales Leads

In early 2016 Acquiro was called in to assess a long-standing issue with poor data quality at a large global high-tech company based in the U.S.

The Challenge

The company explained that they receive about 3,500 leads each month generated by online registration forms from prospects requesting a free trial of one of their products. However, up to 91% of the leads were being immediately discarded. Out of 3,500 leads, the company was only getting about 315 good leads. That meant 3,185 leads were being deemed unusable each month. That’s a lot of lost potential revenue.

Why such a high discard rate of leads?

After working together with the company’s sales management, it was revealed that because Inside Sales and Business Development Executives were compensated on the volume of scheduled meetings they would immediately discard any incomplete records. According to the team, problems they experienced were:

  • Incomplete or missing contact data
  • Phone numbers submitted were often fake
  • 45% of the submitted email addresses were private (e.g., Gmail)

The Solution

Acquiro implemented the LeadMATCH solution to address the most critical data issues. Now, only highly enriched leads are presented to the Inside Sales and Business Development teams. Leads are now validated and enriched as the leads are initially captured, before they can be loaded into the client’s CRM. Also, LeadMATCH enabled proper categorization and prioritization, allowing the sales team to focus on high value leads first. And, all of this is done automatically and continuously at near real-time speeds so the leads are still warm and actionable.

The Results

  • Number of actionable leads increased by 568% from 315 leads to 2100 per month
  • This 568% increase translates to 267 more potential deals closed each month

Chart of Results

First Contact Rate

Conversion Rate

Sales Cycle Close Rate

Other Key Benefits:

  • Sales able to work on more qualified leads first
  • Better data segmentation
  • Alignment with account based management (ABM) targets
  • Better tracking & monitoring of marketing campaigns
  • Lower cost of database maintenance